April - 22 - Fine art nude photography workshop with Kate

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April - 22 - Fine art nude photography workshop with Kate

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Who are we shooting : Kate Snig

What : We'll do 3 unique fine art nude look and lighting

When : Sat, 22 April 2pm - 4pm

Where : 43 Hanna Ave. Toronto. 

Parking :  There are lot of Green P parking in the building and across from the building.  

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Who is the instructor : My name is Maruf Hossain. I've been a photographer for 10+ years. Some of you know me as Paint a Pose Photography and some of you know me as Ma-roof on fire. I've been published on various fashion and glamour magazines locally and internationally. You can visit my fb page : www.facebook.com/paintapose

What : This workshop is beginner and intermediate photographers who's looking to learn studio light setup and build portfolio. At minimum you'd need to know your camera, be comfortable changing settings like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White balance etc. 

How are we shooting : This workshop will be divided in 3 section. First 30 minutes I'd be explaining to you how I'm setting up the shoot, it will cover how i'm picking the outfit to how I'm setting up the lights. Then we'll have a 2 hr shoot out. Each photographer will get 1-on-1 time with the model. Usually I'd have 2 rounds of 5-7 mins shoots for each photographer (I run things by stop watch to be fair to everybody, no exception) During your shoot, no other photographer (except me) will be allowed in the shoot area. This gives you undivided attention from the model and makes sure your pictures are unique and others are not copying your shots (I hate when that happened to me in other workshops). And lastly I'd go through some quick Lightroom retouch techniques to help you achieve the final product. 

How to prepare : Have an idea of what you want to achieve. A great way to prepare is to bring inspiration poses. Have proper expectation of how many good useable shots you want. Be respectful of others time. Don't go over and eat into someone else's time. 

What to bring : You need to bring your your camera and lenses and that's all. I'd be providing universal trigger that will set off the lights. 

Any questions? 

If you have any questions, send me an email to maruf@icloud.com or visit http://www.paintapose.photography/about